Cocoa Moss is a collaboration between Kat Jia and DDRKirby(ISQ).

We strive to make heartwarming games that we can share with others.

a day in the life of death

A narrative adventure about the struggles of a soul harvester.

kiwis can't fly

A short musical adventure about a bird who loves the sky.

goodnight meowmie

A narrative game combining elements of both the virtual pet and horror genres.

far side of the mirror

An adventure game about exploring a cat's dreams.

birdie burglars

A light-hearted target-shooting game about saving a birdie.

colors of your world

A platforming adventure about the colors of life.

samurai shaver

A rhythm game about a samurai's quest to rid the land of body hair.

bath time

A physics-based game about washing cats.

watch for falling rocks

A light-hearted action game where a princess must knock down suitors by throwing heavy objects at them.

goodnight sheep

A story game about having too many thoughts at night.

chickie catchers

A two-player game that tests your balancing skills.

dice it up

A cooking game based on rolling dice.

the music box

A puzzle-adventure game where a cat must solve the mystery of a time loop.

hide and seek

A horror game with focus on audio and storytelling.

inflate me to the moon

A short nonsensical game about "inflation".

nyamo's adventure

A 2D platformer about a shapeshifting blob.


A quiet and atmospheric space for you to walk through and explore. You can interact with various little encounters along the way.

pet furball

An adorable little pet that you can keep on your phone. You can pet, feed, and play with Furball in various ways.

grow your love

A collection of small two button minigames about a couple's growing love.